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ISS - ISS UF-1 (030) - Endeavour (017)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Deployable Payloads
ISS Utilization Flight (UF-1)
weitere Infos (OSF/NASA)
Mehrzweck-Logistikmodul "Raffaello" (MPLM)
weitere Infos (OSF/NASA)
Avian Development Facility
weitere Infos (ARC/NASA)
Commercial Biomedical Testing Module
Photovoltaic Module batteries
Storage Racks
Student-Tracked Atmospheric Research Satellite for Heuristic International Networking Equipment (STARSHINE 2)
weitere Infos (Azinet/U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

Attached PLB Payloads
Multiple Application Customized Hitchhiker-1 (MACH-1)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Capillary Pumped Loop Experiment (CAPL-3)
Hitchhiker Jr.
weitere Infos (GSFC/NASA)
Collisions into Dust Experiment (COLLIDE-2)
weitere Infos (LASP/University of Colorado)
Space Experiment Module (SEM-11)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Restrain Release Using Melting-Wire Experiment (RESUME)
weitere Infos (Washington University, St. Louis)
Effect of Weightlessness on the Developmental Cycle in Gypsy Moth
weitere Infos (Mohamed V University, Morocco)
Portugal – Unified Learning through Space & Research (PULSAR)
Collaborative International SEM (GADGET)
Micro gravity effect on the growth and electro optical properties of KDP crystals (CRISTANAR)
Three Dimensional Resonance Modes in Microgravity (GADGET - NSIP 2000)
Electro-Deposition of CUSO4 (NSIP 2000)
Artemia Space Launch Experiment (NSIP 2001)
Space Experiment Module (SEM-12)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Space FIZ-ics
weitere Infos (Athol-Royalston Middle, & Schaumburg High School, Athol, Massachusetts & Schaumburg, Illinois)
weitere Infos (Anne Arundel County Schools, Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
A Study on the Role of Adhesives in Entombed Hybrid Patches
The effect of the space environment on shape memory alloy
Medium Movement
The Florida-Mars Connection
Sprouting Seeds
Neurospora cresse on Bread in Space
SEM Endeavour Program
weitere Infos (Pennsylvania Middle Schools, Archbald, Pennsylvania)
Space Soy, Generation GappED
Space Experiment Module (SEM-15)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Invertabraes in Microgravity
Magnetic Stars
Magnets and the Magnetosphere
Folger McKinsey Space Owls
ARIA-4: Space, Man, and Biology
weitere Infos (Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri)
Soothing, Minty, and Fresh on ISS
The effects of environmental conditions on soil and water
From Anthracite to Space Flight
Countdown to Wildflowers
weitere Infos (TODTWD 2001)

Getaway Special (GAS)
Get Away Special Program (GAS)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Argentine Experiments Package (G-761)
weitere Infos (Argentine Association of Space Technology)
Microgravity Smoldering Combustion (G-775/MSC)
Nucleic Boiling, Chemical Unit Process, Crystal Growth, Popcorn and Seeds (G-221)
weitere Infos (Utah State University)
Weak Convection Influencing Radial Segregation (G-730)
PSU Germinator I, Magnetometer, Orbital Debris Experiment (G-064)
Zero-g performance of a miniature two-stage pulse tube cryocooler (G-785)

Detailed Test Objectives (DTOs)
On-Orbit Bicycle Ergometer Loads Measurement (DTO 262)
Single-String Global Positioning System (DTO 700-14/PGSC, GPS)
Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (DTO-700-22/SIGI)
Crosswind Landing Performance (DTO 805)

Detailed Supplementary Objectives (DSOs)
Bioavailability and Performance Effects of Promethazine During Space Flight (DSO 490)
Space Flight and Immune Function (DSO 498)
Space Flight-Induced Reactivation of Latent Epstein-Barr Virus (DSO 500)
Test of Midodrine as a Countermeasure Against Postflight Orthostatic Hypotension (DSO 503-S)
Pharmacokinetics and Contributing Physiologic Changes During Space Flight (DSO 632)


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