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Space Shuttle - STS 77 (077) - Endeavour (011)  

Nutzlast & Experimente

Deployable Payloads
Inflatable Antenna Experiment (SPARTAN 207/IAE)
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weitere Infos (NSSDC)

Attached PLB Payloads
Space Habitat Module (SPACEHAB-4)
weitere Infos (SPACEHAB Inc.)
Technology Experiments Advancing Missions in Space (TEAMS)
weitere Infos (GSFC/NASA)
Vented Tank Resupply Experiment (VTRE)
Global Positioning System (GPS) Attitude and Navigation Experiment (GANE)
Liquid Metal Thermal Experiment (LMTE)
Passive Aerodynamically-Stabilized Magnetically-Damped Satellite (PAMS)

Advanced Separation Process for Organic Materials
Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
Plant Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
Fluids Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
Gas Permeable Polymer Membrane
Hand-Held Diffusion Test Cell
Commercial Float Zone Furnace
Space Experiment Facility

Crew Compartment Payload
Brilliant Eyes Ten Kelvin Sorption Cryocooler Experiment (BETSCE)
Aquatic Research Facility (ARF)
Biological Research in Canisters (BRiC)
Tank Pressure Control Experiment
Commercial Vapor Diffusion Apparatus

Getaway Special (GAS)
Get Away Special Program (GAS)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Gamma-ray Astrophysics Mission (G-056/GAMCIT)
weitere Infos (California Institute of Technology)
Orbital debris experiment (G-063)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Heat Transfer Phenomena (G-142)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Reaction Kinetics in Glass Melts (G-144/RKGM)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Diffusion Coefficient Measurement Facility (G-163/DCMF)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Growth of Slime Mold, Segregation of Sand (G-200)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Measuring of low-level gravitational fields, Effects of space flight on growth patterns (G-490)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Nanocrystal Get Away Special (G-564/NANOGAS)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Atlantic Canada Thin Organic Semiconductors (G-565/ACTORS)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Microgravity Smoldering Combustion (G-703/MSC)
weitere Infos (SSPP/NASA)
Pool Boiling Experiment (G-741/PBE-5)
weitere Infos (GRC/NASA)



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